Saplings Become Yurt Poles


After reading about and researching yurts, we calculated that we needed roughly 120 saplings to make a 24 foot yurt.


We cut down forty 12 foot saplings for the roof and eighty 7 foot saplings for the walls.


After cutting the saplings, we let them sit for a few weeks to dry out. We peeled each of poles using a draw knife and rounded the ends with whatever knives we could find.


Each pole was then oiled two or three times with linseed oil.


Once all of the poles were cut, peeled, and oiled, we drilled holes in them and attached them to each other with nylon rope.


We assembled the wall in the middle of a field to check that it was what we wanted.


We ended up using around 75 poles to make the wall frame (some were cut out to make room for the door) which gave us a circumference of about 76 feet. All of this took a few months as we worked on it on and off throughout the spring and early summer.

Up next: Building the tono (centre ring) and putting up the roof frame.


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  1. Tara

    Thanks for the latest update. Erika was thrilled to see that you had included a picture of her helping out.

    Love Dad

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