Yurt Baby


When we moved into the yurt near the end of November I was very pregnant and a few days past my due date.


We had been living in a little cabin for the previous 5 months and were excited to get into our new home.


hanging out in the cabin

We had a bed, a stove, a container for dishes, and an outhouse, but not much else.


organizing baby things


organizing more baby things while visiting with friends

We lit oil lamps at night, played music from our cell phone, and washed dishes in a bucket on top of the table. Being the end of November in Canada, it was beginning to get cold so I was thankful when my husband built the indoor toilet. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, the day I was able to pee indoors for the first time in months was the day I went into labour. Our daughter was born just four days after we moved into the yurt.

Living through our first winter in the yurt as well as our first winter as parents was, as one would guess, full of adventure. Although everything took a bit more effort in the beginning, it has really started to pay off. We were thankful that the baby woke up every couple of hours to eat since we needed to stoke the stove anyways. She was the perfect wake-up call and made the long winter nights much more fun. Getting out of a warm bed to stoke the fire at four in the morning is not fun, however it isn’t too bad when you have a cute baby to curl up with when you get back. Washing cloth diapers by hand is, of course, not as pleasant as washing them in a machine, but has turned out to be less of a pain than originally thought. The open concept of the yurt has been great with a young baby as we are always close enough to see and hear her, negating the need for a baby monitor. We discovered that the skylight and yurt poles are very interesting to a wee one who is too small to look anywhere but up and the radiant heat from the stove made for a cozy diaper changing area, even at three in the morning.



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  1. hi! I was wondering what you do with a new born baby to keep it warm enough. We live in a yurt too (the mongolian kind) and we are expecting our little one any day now… it can get cold at nights and i’m a bit worried that we can’t keep the baby warm enough…

    • Hi! I’m so sorry to be so late to reply! I haven’t been on here in quite a while. I imagine you have your little one at home now, so congratulations! We found it easy to keep the baby warm during her first winter because she was always snuggled on me. I kept her wrapped on me most days and slept beside her at night so I always knew she was warm enough. When she was around 4 months old she started sleeping through the night but only when she was wearing a flannel one-piece suit that had a hood and covered her hands and feet. It was warm enough for the spring (which is usually fairly chilly here). We bought her a few pieces of wool under clothing this winter and wish we had known about them sooner (littlespruceorganics.com). I definitely recommend getting a good wool blanket for cuddling/nursing, something soft and wool for the baby to wear, some sort of wrap (I often used a Pashmina scarf) and if you can get yourself a wool sweater that buttons up (if you are nursing) so that you can stay mostly bundled. You probably don’t need any of this info now, though! I hope you are all snug and cozy and enjoying your first months together!
      P.S. One more thing we found helpful was setting up a warm spot to change diapers (we had a spot near our wood stove that made for a happy baby even during 3am diaper changes).

      • thank you so much for your reply, we will be using your tips next winter.
        We made it through winter, our little daughter came near the end of it so it wasn’t that cold anymore. Especially the tip about the flannels that cover hands is a great one, because our Rosebelle is a real escape artist from the swaddle blanket, her hands come out in minutes no matter how tight… the first few days, we kept her close as well, most nights she slept in our bed, but now that it gets warmer, she goes into her own bed, so that I can sleep a little deeper…
        thank you again!

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