Laundry in the Yurt


Laundry is a whole new process now that we are living without running water. We hand wash the baby’s diapers and hang them around the yurt to dry. I don’t mind washing things by hand, however I find our own clothes to be difficult to clean because they are so bulky. I grew up spoiled by a washer and dryer, so this is a learning process. Thankfully, my in-laws are kind enough to let us use their washer whenever we visit them, so we often wash clothes at their house.

Steps to washing diapers in the yurt:

1. fill a bucket with cold water and let diapers soak
2. warm water in kettle on stove
3. fill another bucket (with warm water) and wash diapers one at a time with bar of laundry soap
4. fill original bucket with warm rinse water and rinse each diaper
5. change rinse water and rinse everything a second time
6. ring out diapers and hang above stove to dry (or on the clothes line outside now that it is warmer)


Washing diapers at Christmastime


After a long winter, we are happy to be outside


Hanging clothes on the refurbished clothing umbrella


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