Re-emergence into the Real World


A long time ago I wrote about treeplanting and Bush Goggles. I wrote that one day I would write about what happens when a group of bush-goggle wearing planters emerge from the woods into a world of non-bush-goggle wearing individuals. This is that blog.

It is an unfortunate thing to return to the real world while still encamped in a bubble of planters. When everyone in your cavalcade has prescribed to the freedom of a life in the wilderness, one can easily forget that the outside world often has a very different view. Imagine a group of dirty twenty-somethings dressed in tattered clothes lounging on the grass outside of a shopping mall. Their clothes are of the kind that would usually be reserved for yard work, their facial hair channels wanted criminals of all kinds, and they are sprawled on the lawn as if it were their own. Surely, many of them of smoking cigarettes and drinking cans of club soda often mistaken for beer. Now, picture a small, well dressed family enjoying an afternoon of shopping. The bewilderment that appears in their eyes as they cross to the other side of the road is perhaps the most straightforward reaction one can imagine. Thus proving that although the planters may be in a state free of judgement and are oblivious to the surrounding world, the surrounding world is certainly not oblivious to them.

Bathrooms: When you live in the woods, the world becomes your toilet; you can pee pretty much anywhere, anytime you want. Upon re-entry to the real world, one must learn to control her bladder until the proper facilities can be found. It was not uncommon for planters to express that they felt like they were going to pee their pants. This makes perfect sense, of course, because when one is suddenly thrust back into a society that frowns upon public urination, one must learn to control themselves all over again.

Clothing: What is acceptable in camp is not always acceptable in town. Running around in boxers, or sporting ripped, muddy overalls might seem like completely normal choices for days around camp, but unfortunately, regular folks don’t shine to semi-nude bearded men with clouds of dust trailing behind them, so one must make the necessary changes.

Language: Even the sweetest treeplanter has been known to vent via a plethora of colourful curse words once pushed to their limit. After being submerged in difficult situations for weeks at a time, many planters end up swearing (or coming up with words to replace swears) numerous times per conversation. This presents a difficulty when one is no longer surrounded by like-minded people, but instead must interact with clean-languaged individuals of all ages. No one wants to be the one to introduce four-letter words to toddlers, but it takes a while to get it out of the system.


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