Pros and Cons of Yurt Life



  • peaceful and quiet in a way similar to a cottage
  • makes one appreciate simple things
  • free heat (if you don’t count the man hours)
  • we can hear the birds
  • nice and sunny inside because of skylight
  • we can look at the stars at night from the coziness of our bed
  • it is much cheaper than living in an apartment
  • we use less water and electricity than we normally would
  • great for having friends over
  • there is always something to do


  • can’t leave for more than four hours without the yurt becoming an ice box in the winter
  • we have to get up multiple times in the night to stoke fire in the winter
  • dishes and laundry take a lot longer than usual
  • it takes a lot of effort to heat the place
  • it is too hot to keep fire going on warm days, so we must do all cooking/baking/washing early in the morning or late in the evening when the stove is hot
  • hornets are interested in our home and continue to find their way in but not out
  • we have a resident vole who lives with us; he is polite and discrete, however I’d still rather he stay outdoors
  • wind has been a big issue multiple times (it tried to blow our roof off a few times)
  • after two weeks of nearly constant rain, the roof started to leak and the yurt smelled like a wet sheep for a couple days
  • there is always something to do

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