Winterizing the Yurt


Winter in the yurt has been quite cosy in comparison to last year. We have a “sunroom” which blocks out [most] the wind, carpets that keep our feet warm, and a newly-sewn breeze rejector (sounds like a superhero, does it not?) that keeps the wind from gushing in under the the canvas/felt.

Last winter can be summed up by this image of a very bundled new mother nursing her tiny infant near the stove.


The drying diapers were daily art pieces in the yurt last winter.

This winter, so far, is quite the opposite. Although I continue to be quite well-bundled I am much warmer now that I am not restricted to life in a chair. Alma runs around most of the day, so she is always warm, and if I fulfill the day’s quota of cooking, cleaning, and playing, I also stay quite toasty.


Yurt in the Summer


Yurt in the Winter



Yurt in the Summer


Yurt in the Winter


Our weather has been strange and yet completely normal for a Canadian winter. We have had snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, rain, sun; snow that feels like mashed potatoes, snow that sounds like styrofoam, and fluffy snow that hides the menacing layer of ice hiding just beneath it. 

The yurt has been as warm as any “normal” house most days this winter (even when it is -25 outside); however, we have had a few chilly mornings that warranted enough extra layers of wool that we looked as if we were about to climb a mountain. 


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  2. My husband and I are purchasing land and will be building our yurt this summer. We have 2 young boys. I have been researching ways to keep the yurt warm during winter. Any tips on ways to do this? Are those rugs or blankets you have hanging on the walls? Looks like a great idea!

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