More Downsizing


Our yurt has roughly 450 square feet of space; we have enough stuff to fill roughly 2000 square feet of space. So, nearly every Monday I pull everything into the living room and sort through the things we use, the things we don’t, and the things that someone else could use. Ever so slowly, we are getting rid of our stuff in an attempt to live more minimally. Alongside all the sorting, I tend to get motivated about changing the furniture around. The result of sorting + furniture changes = a massive mess. Although the house looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster for a few hours, by supper it is usually back to normal. In adherence to Murphy’s Law, people always seem to pop by on Monday afternoons when the yurt looks like the pictures below; unfortunately, we rarely have guests visit early on Tuesday mornings.

The “Before” Pictures:

moving the wall unit

replacing the wall unit with a bookcase

A typical Monday: spring organizing

The After Pictures:


breakfast on mother’s day

the living room



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