Sustainable Living


The term ‘sustainable living’ is thrown around almost as much as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. It is a term used so loosely that it is difficult to know what people mean when they refer to it.

a completely unrelated picture of the ducks

a completely unrelated picture of the ducks

I wrote a guest post over at The Canadian Housewife (my sister-in-law’s blog) about sustainable living. Due to my enthusiastic love of lists, I included a bunch of ideas to make our lives a little more supportable. Here is a peek:

4 Ways to Live Sustainably This Summer

1) save energy

  • keep lights turned off until dusk
  • sweep your house instead of vacuum
  • open your windows at night to cool the house

2) save water

  • wear your clothes more than once before washing
  • capture rainwater to use on your garden
  • turn off the water while you brush your teeth

3) use fewer chemicals

  • wash your sink and bathtub with baking soda
  • wash your floor with vinegar and water
  • cut one hair-washing session from your week

4) buy less stuff

  • use up half-full bottles of shampoo, moisturizer, etc. before buying more
  • cut out a few products from your beauty regimen
  • give handmade gifts

For more ideas (everything from lowering your energy consumption to DIY beauty products), head over to The Canadian Housewife. 🙂



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  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I intend to read all it’s contents, I plan to move into a Yurt in about a year after gathering conditions for it, and your experience will prove valuable to me and my girlfriend. Just thought you should know your work sharing your experience is influencing other people.

    Wish you all the best,

    • Hi Filipe,
      Thank you!! It is exciting to know that someone other than my Mom is reading the blog. 😉
      I hope that the building of your yurt is rewarding. If you have any questions (or advice!), send them my way.
      Take care,

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