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It has been a quick summer, and I can hardly believe that September is nearly over. We spent a good deal of time visiting family and friends, playing in the garden, and de-junking over the past few months. As usual, I’m still aspiring to be a minimalist, despite my hoarding tendencies. I guess I’ve had my head stuck in the sand because I had no idea I had left the blog for so long. I hope you (Mom and my three other readers) had a good summer.

In yurt news: we bought new canvas from Yurta and will be replacing the outer layer of the yurt any day now.

We had opted for 100% cotton canvas treated with silicone when we first built the yurt, and are sad to say that it did not last. We have a few holes, some mildew (mostly from the hay that we stacked around the yurt over the winter), and the roof is no longer waterproof (it hasn’t been for quite some time).

This time around, we are going with acrylic coated polyester for the roof, and new cotton canvas for the walls. We tried our best to stick with natural materials, but found that the cotton couldn’t handle the UV rays or the elements for too long (to be fair, it has taken quite a beating over the past two years). We have heard good things about the polyester from the folks at Yurta, who are much more skilled and experienced than us when it comes to yurts, so we are confident it will serve us well.

We are hopeful that the new stuff will last a while since we have become attached to the yurt and don’t want to leave it anytime soon.

In farm news: we are in the midst of harvesting our veggies; despite it being a disappointing year (compared to last year), we are enjoying lots of good food fresh from the dirt. We have been eating and freezing a lot of soup.

The ducks, all grown up.

The ducks, all grown up.

In other news: I spent a solid three hours (maybe more?) going through the things we have stored in our shed. While my mother-in-law entertained the wee one, I was able to find such gems as: a decade-old postcard that was never sent, my Mom’s Storm Trooper ski boots from the 80’s, and The Little Mermaid CD that I swore I would never show to my kids. I have another couple of days ahead of me, but I feel optimistic. Although we still have way too much stuff, we are less attached to it and are having a good time giving it away. Maybe by this time next year, we will have gone through everything we own and will have scaled down to a satisfactory amount of crap.

Have a good weekend! 🙂