Still Renovating


We have our stove up and running again! With the addition of a second radiator, we are really enjoying the coziness of the yurt. Mike finished sewing the walls this weekend, so our yurt is back to normal (almost). My brother-in-law plumbed our shower while he was visiting (he’s a plumber and graciously worked on our bathroom despite being totally confused as to why we would want to live in a yurt). I’ll write about the changes soon. For now, here is our to-do list.

Pimp my Yurt 2014 (wish list):

  • sew a new outer layer of canvas 
  • add a few more windows

    windows from – I’ll have pictures of ours soon

  • refurbish the Rayburn (wood stove) with new fire bricks

    a blue version of our stove

  • add a second radiator
  • build a closet –> two rails (one for us, one low one for Alma) and a few shelves (for sweaters, towels, etc.)

    a branch for a rail – we will use an old yurt pole

    low rail and shelves for the wee one

  • build another counter for the kitchen
  • build ‘pantry shelves’ in the kitchen
  • fancy up the bathroom and make it more toddler friendly (lower sink/step-stool, etc.)

    toddler bathroom

  • make a preschool area (easel, chalkboard, activities, etc.) —> aside from the extra windows, this is what I’m most excited forschool area

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