Christmas Eve



I began the morning with chicken stock and Handel’s Messiah; I love the build up to the Hallelujah chorus so much that by the time the song is mid-way through I am usually covered in goose bumps and on the verge of tears. Handel was followed by other sophisticated artists like the cast from Glee and 98 degrees. We have a good (terrible?) mix of music at our house. We listened to everything from Bing to Etta today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I still haven’t listened to Carol of the Bells because I want to save something musical for tomorrow, and am as excited about it as I am about the strangely shaped gifts hanging from my ceiling.



The twenty-third was spent in the kitchen, mostly. I cooked like a madwoman, desperate to put away as many meals for the twelve days of Christmas as possible. I took a nice break and wandered through the woods with the family to pick out our Christmas tree. It knocked a few things over on the way into the yurt, but it looked great once it was up. Thin and Charlie Brown-ish if you are used to a groomed tree, but just right for the yurt. It is nearly eleven feet tall and almost reaches into the dome. After the little one was in bed, I gathered all the goodies that were stored away for stockings and organized them into twelve little piles. I tried to plan the gifts, giving cookie cutters for the day we will be making gingerbread houses, but mostly it is just a mishmash of animal crackers and raisins for Alma, and a copious amount of chocolate for Mike.


We baked cookies and played Scrabble today before heading to church for Nine Lessons and Carols (which was lovely). We had plans of watching It’s a Wonderful Life, but I know I would fall asleep five minutes into it, and don’t want to miss it. Mike is making maple fudge and orange roll right now, and I’m contemplating making a couple batches of cookies after I stuff the stockings… but I might just lay here and listen to the Christmas music instead.


Tomorrow is the first day of Christmas, which means it is time to bring on the chocolate. Happy Christmas Eve 🙂



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