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5 Tips for Cold Days


Winter arrived, for real this time, a few days ago. With the wind chill, it felt like -38 C last night. I love winter, so I actually like this weather. We bundled up this morning to feed the cows and enjoyed the quiet that only comes with such cold.

Winter is my favourite season, especially in the yurt. Here are 5 tips for cold, wintery days:

  1. Don’t forget to stoke the fire. If you take notice of how warm and cozy you are, stoke it. Don’t wait until the fire dies to add more wood. If it is very cold outside (colder than -20 C), we do smaller stokings more frequently.

    My Dad looking like he is stoking the fire while, in reality, burning a piece of toast

    My Dad looking like he is stoking the fire while, in reality, burning a piece of toast

  2. Wear slippers. If you have cold feet, chances are, you aren’t going to enjoy winter. Warm feet = happy person.IMG_1272
  3. Ditch the polyester and bring on the wool. I used to freeze every winter because I refused to wear wool. I wore cotton sweatshirts and polyester sweaters before I learned about the magic of wool. It really is so much warmer – I cannot believe the difference fabric can make on my grumpiness level. I am so much nicer when I’m warm. If wool makes you itchy, the good news is that there is such a thing as soft, non-scratchy wool: merino and alpaca are my favourites. IMG_8403
  4. Sleep under a good duvet. Our beds have such fat duvets on them that we could probably sleep outside and still be toasty. Everyone in our family finds them too warm except for me. Alma kicks off her blankets every night, and Mike needs his feet out of ours or he can’t sleep. I, however, think they are perfect.
  5. If all else fails, cuddle and drink tea by the fire with a good book. If you are still cold after all of that, have a dance party and then cuddle up by the fire until summer arrives. IMG_1315